Top 5 Red Wines Under $20

The weather for REDS is firmly upon us, but sometimes we can’t
quite justify the price of a premium bottle. Sometimes we need a deliciously satisfying red wine which won’t break the bank, and will cater to our cosy mid-weeknight cravings.
After a rigorous (and mouth-watering) selection process, five wines are being showcased here which are on point when it comes to value for money, quality, and flavour.

1. Borsao - Garnacha
(Selección Grenache Blend)

Origin: Campo de Borja, Northern Spain.
$/bottle: 14.99.

Body / Depth: Light to medium.

With fruit sourced from 15 to 30 year old vines, this Grenache dominant blend is a true Mediterranean pleasure, displaying raspberry, fresh cherry, subtle spice, and an earthy element typical of the variety. The moderately bright acidity means it can cut through a dish with a generous amount of fat.

Food pairing/s:  Mediterranean lamb shoulder stew with Kalamata olives, or Manchego cheese and toasted Turkish bread.

Maturation potential: 3 to 6 years.

2. Cat Amongst The Pigeons - Cabernet Sauvignon

Origin: Barossa Valley, South Australia.
$/bottle: 15.99.

Body / Depth: Medium to full.

Maybe the Barossa does Cabernet better than Shiraz? Just an idea.
This well-rounded and mouth-filling red conveys great elegance, as the tannin and oak sit perfectly, right where they need to be. There’s ripeness of flavour with dark berries and gently stewed fruits. Don’t miss out on this one!

Food pairing/s:
  Lamb’s fry with onion and red wine gravy, veal scallopini, or a nice vintage cheddar.

Maturation potential: 6 to 10 years.

3. Illuminati - 'Riparosso' Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Origin: Abruzzo, Southern Italy.
$/bottle: 13.99.

Body / Depth: Light to medium.

A delicate red plum aspect emanates from this one, supported by hints of peppercorn, tar, and oregano. This is all enclosed with a firm, yet only slightly chalky tannin in an approachable package. It’s a tad mysterious. It’s captivating. And it should be your weeknight go-to special.

Food pairing/s:  Either supreme or pepperoni pizza from your local pizza-pie establishment, or a simple home-made tomato based pasta with lashings of extra-virgin olive oil dipped bread.

Maturation potential: 3 to 5 years.

4. Serafino - 'Sorrento' Shiraz

Origin: McLaren Vale, South Australia.
$/bottle: 18.99.

Body / Depth: Medium to full.

Upon first approach, you’ll notice the complex aroma on this one. You could sit and figure it out for hours. Green peppercorn, tomato stalk, and herbaceous notes, lead into flavours of big red fruit, dense blackberries, and a terrific length on the finish, wrapped up in this 5-star Halliday rated winery bottle.

Food pairing/s:  Pork sausages and beef rump steaks on the BBQ, triple cream Brie and crackers for nibbles.

Maturation potential: 6 to 10 years.

5. Zonnebloem - Cabernet Sauvignon

Origin: Stellenbosch, South Africa.
$/bottle: 13.99.

Body / Depth: Light to medium.

A super-soft and palatable red from an all-women winemaking team at Zonnebloem.
This is the Cabernet you want when you would rather forego the smack in the face. It’s subtle and easy for a Cab. Light oak, blackcurrant/cassis, and a touch of tobacco.

Food pairing/s:  Duck confit with fried garlic and polenta, or a wheel of Camembert.

Maturation potential: 5 to 8 years.

Enthusiast tip: If you have a wine decanter or glass carafe, remember to use it. Most red wines will benefit from at least fifteen minutes breathing after decanting.

All wines detailed above are available from Dan Murphy’s liquor stores in Australia.

Thanks for dropping by and reading! I hope all of your future
wine and food adventures are great ones.

Yours truly,

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