As a freelance copywriter,
I offer an extensive range of services to help your
business or project succeed.

A few specialties within my writing scope include:
Wine Writing - Real Estate Copy - Video & Film Script Writing

Browse what I offer below...

Please note: If a service listed here is in the DIGITAL realm, SEO and improved visibility on the web are included within my writing automatically. Your Google rank is of utmost importance.


Copywriting which encompasses almost all types, including:
Website content and pages, email newsletters, e-commerce / online store / products, social media, advertising materials, physical print media, guest blogging, speech writing, sales copy, and so much more…


Do you desire more clarity or focus for your message?
Is your text just not as effective as it could be?
Sometimes the words you already have just aren’t quite precise or true to your initial vision, and the right touch is required.


It’s sometimes hard to step back from your work and see the little things, especially on a large project.
I’ll cross the T’s, dot the I’s, and guarantee perfection right down
to the finest finishing detail.

Food and Wine Writing

My expertise and immersion in the wine, food, and tourism industry instills an unparalleled confidence in my writing in the food and wine fields.
Sipping, tasting, matching, savouring, and learning over eleven years.
I’m your wordsmith to aid your restaurant or winery to success.

Real Estate and Property

A feel for flow in editorials, an element of urgency in marketing materials,
and a keen knowledge of the local market.
My real estate and property writing can assist your team
in selling in a superior way.

Video / Film Script Writing

Your project or idea is in safe hands with an enthusiast of
storytelling and film like me.
Whether you need a tune-up on an already existing script, or something
completely fresh; my passion for this medium is your reward.

Are you licking your lips yet for some of those tasty words?👌
Get in touch, and let me know how I can help:

Or, y'know, while you think about it, check out this cute, yet studious dog:


That’s Holt. So named because he goes missing sometimes.
He’s really excited though.
He just bought his first Smith-Corona typewriter on eBay and it’s on the way.
Holt can’t wait to start on his debut book:
“Letters UnLeashed: Memoirs of a Canine Copywriter”.

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