7 Essentials to Always Keep in Your Wine Rack

Annoying Aunty Gwen just dropped around for an uninvited visit.
You’re having a movie night with the girls.
Your long lost pet turtle Rocky from when you were seven just surfaced
out of nowhere and it’s time to celebrate his return.

We’ve got you covered.
No matter the occasion, it’s paramount to have these seven wines in
your rack or wine fridge, ready for action.
(Alternatively, don’t answer the door when Aunty Gwen shows up.
Keep the wine for yourself for later.)

1. Mid-week Takeaway

Yep. It’s Wednesday night. Feels like it should be Friday. You’ve cooked the last two nights and just aren’t feeling it tonight.
Call up your favourite local Thai, Chinese, or Japanese takeaway restaurant and go grab yourself a bottle of this:

| Pikes – Traditionale Riesling |

You can’t miss it. It’s got a dang fish on the bottle.
One reviewer called it “Best Riesling in the world!”.
Such a versatile drop, this highly praised (and excellent value) Riesling will blow you away with its balance of complexity and delicacy. A delicious match with your favourite Pad Thai, Cashew Chicken Stir Fry, Sweet and Sour Pork, Panang Duck, or Salmon and Tuna Nigiri.

Visit the Pikes website:  https://www.pikeswines.com.au/

2. Pizza and/or Pasta Night

Whether you’re whipping up a quick tomato-based pasta for dinner, or you’re going all out and making gourmet pizzas at home from scratch, look no further than this essential wine to have on hand when the Lord of Carbs is in town.

| Frescobaldi – Castiglioni Chianti (Sangiovese blend) |

It goes with a lot more than just fava beans, Dr. Lecter.
Once you’ve tried the matching, knowing you have at least a couple of this Tuscan classic on hand will bring you great comfort.
When you have a Chianti in the rack ready to go, you’ll know your next mouth-watering victim to kill and eat will be PIZZA, PASTA, or BOTH.

Visit the Frescobaldi website: https://www.frescobaldi.com/en/ 

3. Time to Celebrate!

Your daughter just graduated! You got a raise!
That pesky neighbour with the loud motorbike died in his sleep! It’s your birthday! It’s time to pop that cork and unearth the flutes.

| Jansz – Tasmania Premium C
uvée |

It goes without saying: You should always have a good bottle of sparkling in the fridge, chilled and ready for whenever you feel like making up an excuse to celebrate. This particular wine from Tasmania is a consistently excellent release from Jansz, using the signature Champagne varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Visit the Jansz website: https://www.jansz.com.au/

4. Movie Night with the Girls (or Boys...)

The Hunger Games marathon? Pirates of the Caribbean back-to-back? Miss Congeniality followed by Bridesmaids, maybe? Well, assuming there’s more than two patrons in this home cinema, we’re going to need:

| A Magnum of Rosé! |

Movies and magnums all the way. Your best local liquor store should have at least a couple of magnum-sized options for Rosé. Our pick which is widely available is the pictured ‘Cote des Roses’, a very reliable option.
Not only is this great for group entertaining, but it goes well with salty, buttered popcorn.

(Note: This bottle will probably not fit in your wine rack. If you have a wine rack that fits magnum-sized bottles, I’d like to know about it. Please email me here:
ethanburkewriter@gmail.com , and let me know where you procured it.)

Visit the Gerard Bertrand website:

5. Sunday Roast

A family tradition for many, the Sunday Roast is the go-to way to relax and reconnect with your loved ones after a long week. It’s a well earned meal-induced reset. Just make sure you connect and reset with Cabernet.

| Bowen Estate – Cabernet Sauvignon

A Coonawarra region classic and easily one of the best reds you can procure on a regular basis. It’s big and robust, yet velvety and satisfying on the finish. The leg of lamb never found a better companion, although don’t be afraid to have this with beef. It works well too.

Visit the Bowen Estate website: http://www.bowenestate.com.au/

6. Fire Up the BBQ

Many of you have waited all week to have an ice-cold beer or two while meditating, reflecting, and rotating meats on the barbecue. Except when it comes to crunch-time and the food is being plated up; it’s time to pour a classic Shiraz.

| Chris Ringland – Sealed Shiraz

Any Barossa Shiraz from Chris Ringland (the “King of Shiraz”) will do. They’re all great. We chose the Sealed Shiraz as it closely showcases why Barossa Shiraz is one of Australia’s signature wine styles. Big, gutsy, packed with immense fruit and flavour, with a vanilla-touched finish. Your sausages and steaks will be delighted to join forces with a Ringland Shiraz.

Visit the Chris Ringland website: https://chrisringland.com/

7. The Knock at the Door

Mmmm hmm. It’s Aunty Gwen. I told you she would show up. She’s already seen you through the side window. She knows you’re home. And, you know Aunty Gwen is more tolerable after a glass of wine, so you always give her one. Plus, you can’t be rude. You’re having one too.

| Tim Adams – Pinot Gris

An easy-drinking and balanced white. Flavours of peach, nectarine, and pear are buoyant but not overbearing. You’ll be happily sipping away at this well-made Pinot Gris while Aunty Gwen explains why Al Pacino was more attractive in Serpico rather than The Godfather.

(Note: This Pinot Gris could easily be swapped for the Mid-week Takeaway wine. Super versatile stuff.)

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Visit the Tim Adams website: https://www.timadamswines.com.au/

These are my wine rack essentials. Now you will be prepared for any occasion. Keep at least two on hand at all times and you won't need to worry about not having the right wine ever again.

Have another occasion with an essential wine that should be in the rack? Shoot me a message and tell me about it...

I wish all of your future food and wine adventures are great ones.

Yours truly,

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